FRIDAY – 090501


Start with PVC, then work your way up. Post loads to comments.

Alt. WOD: Row 2k for time.

Ross from CrossFit Hollywood paid us a visit. Great job on the WOD!

Rio: 9:54
Maynor: 11:12
Claudio: 7:51
Greg: 7:49 (100lb. Snatch)
Armando: 9:14 (100lb. Snatch)
Vivian: 9:00 (55lb. Snatch)
Diana: 9:35 (35lb. Snatch)
Chris: 8:32
Ryan: 12:14
Greg: 7:43
Bryan: 8:19
Grace: 10:16
Sue: 9:20
Adriana: 9:37
Lisa: 11:03


2 Responses to “”

  1. Really?
    Why do always do the strength workouts on Fridays? This sucks, I want to do snatches!

  2. Great workout, Chris. Thanks for the hospitality.

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