MONDAY – 090427

Run 800 meters
25 Thrusters (135 lb for men, 95 for women)(or sub for DB Thrusters @ 40 lbs for men 30 for women)
Run 250 meters
50 KB Swings (55/35)
Run 250 meters
25 Burpees
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.

WOD #1: Suicide Run – Elisha

WOD#1: Suicide Run – Zach and Chris

WOD #1: Max Reps Deadlifts in 3 mins @ 275 lbs. – Zach and Chris

WOD #2: Chris and Zach

5 Rounds for time

20 Double Unders
10 Wall Ball Shots (20 lbs) – 10 ft Target
1 15 ft. Rope Climb

Rome (127/55): 25:14
Gary (95/40): 22:25
Lead (87.5/40): 27:38
Tony (115/55): 21:31
Bryan (rxd): 26:13
Sean (115/55): 19:00
Greg (rxd): 25:36
Marcial (95/55): 31:58
Roe (47.5/25): 25:34
Darrell (135/35): 29:24
Doug (95/35): 27:02
Maureen (15/15): 20:06
Vivian (47.5/15): 17:36
Silvia (20/20): 22:52
Grace (47.5/25): 24:25
Skippy (rxd): 26:28
Sue (15/15): 20:05
Annika (47.5/25): 16:19
Rahel (35/25): 26:24
Cory (rxd): 20:07
Ned (30/30): 16:38
Ted (35/35): 14:57
Eric (95/35): 24:10
Maynor (95/55): 25:30
Adrian (95/55): 29:11
Analise (45/30): 27:05
Philip (95/55): 25:42
Lauren (45/30): 23:56
Lindsey (37.5/25): 23:18
Ryan (20/20): 37:41
Lisa (15/15): 30:11
Hans (rxd): 29:51
Jackie (95/35): 34:56
Marianne G (15/15): 25:26
Robyn (100x – WB/SL Sit up/Superman/ 50x WB/ SL Sit up/Superman


13 Responses to “”

  1. Way to go guys! You can only grow from the experience. I have great respect and admiration for all your efforts, courage AND follow-through to challenge yourselves and compete.

    Thanks for sharing the videos…and your pain!!

  2. Could not have said it any better. Zeus hit right on the head. Congrats guys, ya’ll rocked it!

  3. Chris Holt Says:

    I wish you were all there. Listen to the crowd. It was such a supportive atmosphere out there. Everyone was cheering for everyone. It was truly amazing.

  4. Quite possibly one of the most grueling WOD I’ve ever seen. Way to hit it guys. So impressed.

  5. Can’t wait to hear the stories. I’ll be in on Wed, gotta take a rest tomorrow. But wanna hear all about it

  6. Outstanding effort!!! It takes some cojones to go out and compete and you all sucked up the pain and kept on pushing. I am proud to be part of the Crossfit Threshold family.

  7. I’m so proud of the boys this weekend… they worked so hard and showed so much heart throughout each WOD. Chris… you showed your passion and talent for crossfit and Zach you showed true perseverance by continuing on after your hardship on the rope…. Great job boys… Can’t wait till NEXT YEAR!!!

  8. Next year? I’m in…Brian, Skippy, who else?

  9. Skippy like…I’m with you guys 100%

  10. I’ll give it a shot, we got some work to do!

  11. Simply amazing!!!

  12. Chris., Elsiha, Zach, Tony,
    No words can express how proud I am of all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Next Year I will be the head of your Cheer Leading group,(yes for you Greg, Skippy, Bryan and whoever else will be on the team too. ) so I am in . ooxoxooxoxo Hope to see you all tomorrow so I can finally get my hugs….oooooooxxxxxx mindy

  13. Thanks for all of your support everyone! Also, I assure you we were running faster than it appears in the suicide video! Why does it look like a stroll in the park!”?

    363 days till next years qualifier. Time to get at it!!!

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