MONDAY – 090413



95 lb. Thrusters
Pull ups

Post time to comments.


Lead (30DBs/Ring Body Pulls): 8:45
Chris V. (75/Blue band): 8:11
Grace (37.5/Blue band): 8:36
Doug (65/Purple band x2): 9:03
Gary (75/Green band): 7:09
Bryan (rxd): 10:24
Tony (rxd): 8:25
Adriana (55/Green band): 6:02
Greg (rxd): 6:34
Adrian (85/JP): 11:29
Claudio (67.5): 6:17
Mindy (35 – 1/4 squat/JP): 5:13
Roe (37.5/Blue band): 7:26
Marcial (rxd): 8:14
Philip (75): 6:10
Greg (rxd): 5:18 (shaved 1min14sec off his morning Fran!)
Alexis (37.5): 4:50
Marianne W. (65/Green band): 6:49
Analise (37.5/Green band): 5:05
Lauren (37.5/Blue band): 6:06
Chris M. (65/JP): 6:35
Sue (12/Blue band): 5:27
Maureen (10/JP): 5:00
Lucie (37.5/Blue band): 7:32
Silvia (15/JP): 4:15
Maria (rxd): 7:44 (NEW PR!)
Bobby (75/JP): 9:44
Skippy (rxd): 7:02
Vivian (20DB FS): 5:09
Robyn (47.5/Ring body pulls): 8:23
Lindsey (37.5/Blue band): 9:22
Lisa (15/JP): 9:00
Ryan (15DB/JP): 9:19
Hans (rxd): 9:19
Marianne G. (10/JP): 8:34
Tatiana (37.5/Blue band): 9:02
Maynor (75): 8:08


6 Responses to “”

  1. Fran…what a lady…added a minute & 10 secs. to my time…very dissappointed…I will get her next time.

  2. I cant even explain the catastrophe that happened to me this morning.

  3. Let’s go ahead and blame it on the Easter Bunny curse.

  4. Its funny how it only takes about 8 reps to change your mindset from “I’m going to all out and finish in this great time” to “Maybe today isn’t my day I’m not sure how I’m even going to finish”
    Brian 6 or 7 tonight?

  5. Couldn’t make it this evening, had my Finals, at least I did good on those …I hope
    “DAMN YOU EASTER BUNNY” stupid rabbit

  6. Last Fran WOD was March 19, 09. My P.R. is 9:57. So today I shaved off almost 3 minutes. OMG!!! I’m on top of the world right now!!! Ooh-Rah

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