WEDNESDAY – 090401

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes of:

5 clapping push-ups
10 Sit-ups
15 Squats

Post total rounds to comments.


One of our interns Brian, dispelling the myth that white men can’t jump. Check out his 4 foot box jump and as you’ll see, he could easily do more.

Nancy, one of 12 members last night that got their first double under! This is Nancy in the 7:15PM class doing the WOD for the second time back to back from the 6:45PM class! Amazing job Nancy!

Chris M.: (mod. PUs, box squats): 12 Rounds + 5,3
Maureen: (mod. PUs, box squats): 14 Rounds
Philip (rxd): 21 Rounds + 5,10,8
Beth (mod. PUs, part. squat): 16 Rounds + 5,9
David (box squats): 14 Rounds + 5,10,2
Lauren (mod. PUs): 23 Rounds + 5,10,3
Carlos (rxd): 21 Rounds
Sue (mod. PUs): 16 Rounds + 5,8
Skippy (rxd): 21
Adrian (rxd): 20
Bobby (part. squat): 11 Rounds + 5,10,8
Maynor (rxd): 17 Rounds + 3
Maria (rxd): 19 Rounds + 5,2
Eva (mod. PUs): 16 Rounds + 5,10,8
Lindsey (mod. PUs): 20 Rounds + 5
Vivian (part. squat): 21 Rounds + 5,4
Greg (rxd): 23 Rounds + 4


3 Responses to “”

  1. antonygraf Says:

    sick brian!

  2. Wesley Snipes would be impressed, although I believe he already had to eat his words when Woody Harrelson dunked over him at the end of that film…

  3. Nice Brian, you make it look so easy
    Congrats Nancy! First Double under AND two workouts in a row, that is very impressive.

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