TUESDAY -090310


1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

Post time to comments.

SKILL: Double Under

Decent shrug for that clean Hans. Good triple extension. Work in progress.

Hans (rxd): 11:00
Darrell (rxd): 16:17
Marcial (rxd): 14:36
Skippy (rxd): 20:39
Greg (rxd): 8:16
Luke (rxd): 9:51
Lina (35/Blue band): 13:20
Lisa G (18/JP): 15:46
Lisa M (18/JP): 11:27
Dawn (18/JP): 9:27
Zeus (rxd): 10:25
Zach (rxd): 7:30
Bryan (rxd): 8:38
Jackie (37.5): 11:50
Eva (37.5/JP): 10:20
Marianne W (37.5/Blue Band): 10:04
Vivian (35 PP/Blue band): 8:28
Marcos (PVC thruster/V-ups): 7:30
Elijah (18/Blue Band): 12:48
Nancy (35/JP): 13:40
Maynor (rxd): 14:16
Robyn (37.5/JP): 11:38
Drew (rxd): 10:10
Greg (rxd): 8:11 (beat his morning time by 4 seconds)
Maria (rxd): 12:38
Yolanda (37.5/Blue band): 14:18
Lauren (35/Blue band): 11:20
Rahel (37.5/JP): 12:34
Tatiana (37.5/Blue band): 15:56

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  1. antonygraf Says:

    it says suck butt in gregs pic…

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