SATURDAY – 090228


Overhead Squats
Pull ups

Post time to comments.


Ang (45/Burpees): 8:59
Philip (12): 7:32
Lead (15): 7:51
Maynor (PVC): 11:23
Tony (45): 8:15
Mindy (PVC/Jumping Pullups): 4:13
Drew (65): 9:55


6 Responses to “”

  1. These videos are always soo much fun to watch! It was fun working next to Greg! He pushes hard!!

    Photo Finish…how do you think Michael Phelps won his metals!! At least the one against that French guy??

  2. The video is much more fun the workout was!

  3. Great effort Lead… way to finish! I think Vivian has a hidden talent she never told us about~>bear crawling! And I LOVE everyone’s post WOD faces =)

  4. After careful deliberation, Zeus’ official time for the Bear Crawl WOD has been changed to 10:34. He did dive head first at the finish.

  5. Maria Gonzalez Says:

    You do an amazing job creating these videos!!
    GREAT work Chris!! Well done crossfitters!!!

  6. Zeusman Says:


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