THURSDAY – 090226

7 Rounds

10 Push ups
10 Knees-to-Elbows
20 ft. Bear Crawl

Post time to comments.


Adam (rxd): 8:45
Brian (from CrossFit East Decatur)(Knee ups): 13:01
Bryan (rxd): 10:55
Tony (rxd): 12:28
John (Knee ups): 14:34
Luke (rxd): 8:30
Greg (rxd): 10:46
Ralph (rxd): 15:44
Darrell (rxd): 13:42
Werner (rxd): 17:29
Marcos (knee ups): 11:02
Nancy (knee ups): 11:54
Lisa (knee ups): 15:48
Carol (knee ups): 13:34
Vivian (feet to ceiling): 6:19
Silvia N. (knee ups): 14:52
Yolanda (knee ups): 13:38
Jessie (knee ups): 14:40
7:15 CLASS
Lauren (knee ups): 11:27
Robyn (knee ups): 12:06
Ang (rxd): 10:34
Armando (rxd): 15:33
Zeus (rxd): 10:34
Elijah (knee ups): 10:54
Marianne (knee ups): 11:33
Greg (rxd): 10:35 (BEAT HIS 11AM CLASS TIME!)
Tatiana (knee ups): 13:24


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  1. Hear you gave one of our members (Brian) a warm welcome and a nice workout. Thanks!

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