WEDNESDAY – 090218

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes of:

5 Clapping Push ups
10 KB Swings (55/35)
15 Med Ball Cleans (20/15)

Post total rounds completed to comments.


Zach PRs on his 1 rep max on Squat Cleans: 265 lbs.
Zach’s Bodyweight: 215 lbs.

Back rounds in the catch but solid effort none the less! Proud of you brother!!!!

Chris hitting 205 lbs. on his FIFTH attempt. Not a good day.
Chris’ bodyweight: 155 lbs.

Elisha missing 132.5. I’m glad I’m not Bob. Note: Don’t be anywhere within a 10 foot radius of Elisha when she misses a clean.

8:30 CLASS
Marconi (25 lb. DB/10 lb. Med Ball): 7 Rounds + 5,2
Tony (35 lb KB/20 lb. Med Ball): 8 Rounds + 5,10,3
Claudio (35 lb. DB/20 lb. Med Ball): 9 Rounds
Beth (18 lb. KB/8 lb. Med Ball): 7 Rounds + 5,10,5
Leo (pull, squat jumps): 13 Rounds + 5,1
Lead (25 lb. DB/10 lb. Med ball): 6 Rounds + 5, 10, 11
Zach (Rx’d): 9 Rounds
Maria (Rx’d): 7 Rounds + 5,10,11
Nancy (20 lb. DB/10 lb. Med Ball): 7 Rounds + 5
Rahel (20 lb. DB/8 lb. Med Ball): 7 Rounds + 5,10
Hans (Rx’d): 8 Rounds + 5,10,2
Jackie (Rx’d): 8 Rounds + 5
Eva (20 lb. DB/10 lb. Med Ball): 9 Rounds + 5,10,10
Sue (9 lb. KB/6 lb. Med Ball): 11 Rounds + 5,10
Skippy (40 lb. DB/15 lb. Med Ball): 8 Rounds + 5
Albert (Rx’d): 6 Rounds
Kent (Rx’d): 8 Rounds
Annika (25 lb. DB/10 lb. Med Ball): 12 Rounds + 5,5
Monica (20 lb. DB/8 lb. Med Ball): 11 Rounds + 5

*Chris (Rx’d): 11 Rounds + 5,1
*Elisha (Rx’d): 10 Rounds + 5,6


10 Responses to “”

  1. Solid trio of clean technique videos: How to not relax at the bottom, how to explode up and how to control your anger after a miss!

  2. Zach, my lower back looked away watching your video! Nice effort fighting it up!

    Chris, is that Jet Li in our gym?? That’s soo cool!!

    Only Chuck Norris is safe around Elisha when she’s attempting to clean.

  3. I don’t know Zeus I think Elisha could Squat Clean Chuck Norris with ease!

  4. I concur with Albert, Chuck Norris might have to watch his back.

  5. Zeus, no lower back should ever have to watch that.

  6. You guys don’t realize how tough Chuck Norris is!! His tears can cure cancer, problem is: he doesn’t cry!

  7. Chris Holt Says:

    I also hear he destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise!

  8. I heard Elisha does box jumps using the Chrysler building as her box.
    Elisha has renamed the CrossFit Games. She calls them “warm up”.

    NASA must monitor Elisha Norris when she does “Murph” because they fear 200 pushups by her will push the Earth out of orbit.

    So I think she can take Chuck

  9. Nice Elisha, awesome to catch that on video. Talk to you guys soon.


  10. Element of Surprise…that’s funny!! NASA monitoring Elisha for fear of her pushing the earth out of orbit, ha ha ha!!!

    Chuck needs to stay in Texas, if he wants to maintain his reputation.

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