TUESDAY – 090217

Sumo Deadlift on the Minute. (75 lbs/45 lbs)

Perform one SDLHP on the first minute, then two on the second minute. Continue until you cannot complete the number of reps for the minute.

Post total rounds to comments.
Little Aidan getting his squat on!
8:30am class
6pm class
7pm class

Lina (Rx’d): 16
Nancy (37.5 lb. bar): 14
Silvia (35 lb. bar): 14
Skippy (Rx’d): 15
Armando (Rx’d): 13
Melissa (37.5 lb. bar): 12
Zeus (Rx’d): 17
Zach (85 lb. SDLHP): 19
Hans (Rx’d): 15
Jackie (Rx’d): 18
Tatiana (Rx’d): 16
Eva (40 lb. DB): 18
Lucie (40 lb. DB): 16
Robyn (Rx’d): 17
Marianne (35 lb. KB): 21
Yolanda (35 lb. DB): 16
Lauren (35 lb. DB): 15
Marcial (Rx’d): 15
Rio (30 lb. DB): 14
Albert (Rx’d): 13
Angie (Rx’d): 24


3 Responses to “”

  1. Look how big and well distributed the classes are getting. You guys are doing such a great job!!

  2. I’m #@*%ing tired after this workout! That was tough. Chuck Norris would have struggled with it.

    Angie and Zach are from another planet!

  3. I would challenge that statement. Ang had me by 5 rounds!!! She’s from another universe all together

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