MONDAY – 081116

2 Minutes Max Double Unders
2 Minutes Max Sit-Ups
90 Seconds Max Double Unders
90 Seconds Max Sit-Ups
1 Minute Max Double Unders
1 Minute Max Sit-Ups
30 Seconds Max Double Unders
30 Seconds Max Sit-ups

(click on image to enlarge)
Very impressive Maria! Great Pistol!
(click on image to enlarge)
Just another day in the park with Med Balls.
Nice Nancy!


4 Responses to “”

  1. Saw your ‘Helen’ time on the main site Chris! That’s amazing. Mine was 9:54, I had to use the stinking top of the squat rack as my pull up bar which was awful.

  2. Chris Holt Says:

    Hey Thack! Thanks man! “Helen” is one of my better WODs. Top of the squat rack is rough. Haven’t been able to do pullups in two months so there were pretty horrible today. Fran time is going to suffer. I’ll get back into it. Btw. That was a SICK Jason time! Very impressive brother.

  3. Thanks man! I can’t wait to have all the right equipment. I need to call you and pick your brain about all the affiliation stuff. We’re about to apply pretty quickly here and I’m sure you have lots of advice!

  4. Chris Holt Says:

    I heard about you getting affiliated! That’s awesome! Call me anytime and I can give you all the advice I can.

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