SATURDAY – 080816

For time.


50 Pull-ups
400m Run
21 Thrusters (95 lbs)
800m Run
21 Thrusters
400m Run
50 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

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Annika, Bianca, and Jackie demonstrating some solid handstands.

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Kent pushing through the pain. Way to go on the Knees-to-Elbows!

A LETTER FROM CROSSFIT THRESHOLD MEMBER, DAVID LEE (who heads back to college this weekend)

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Dear CrossFit Threshold,
        After hearing about how intense CrossFit is, I was absolutely certain that I would not try it. I’m not a fit person nor did I care about being fit. I’m an academic person and that’s just who I am, why try to be something I’m not? I can live life, be successful and pass away without ever being fit as long as I am good at what I do. I just came to the gym to stretch my legs, do a few bench presses and take a break from my 12 hour sedentary marathons.
        That fateful day when Tony convinced me to try “Donkey Kong” is still hazy in my mind. I vaguely remember Tony ushering me in the door, showing me something and then everything goes black. I still to this day do not remember how or why I went in that room. My memory comes back at the point where I passed out on a bench, threw up in a garbage can and laid there helplessly as I suffered cramps in various places. I was later told by Chris that people in the gym pointed and asked if I needed an ambulance. No, I was sure that the CrossFit workout was the inner rings of hell in an earthly disguise.
        That was a month ago. Today I am writing about how CrossFit workout is the highest echelon of Heaven in an earthly disguise. CrossFit has irreversibly changed my life. Through CrossFit, I have been able to discover my boundaries and to push past them every time. Each workout is like a new challenge, a new game to push past obstacles that cripple my body. I have gotten in significantly good shape and the rigorous regimen has had a significant impact on my diet. I eat healthier, I breathe healthier and I live healthier.
        But what stands out more than anything else in my short time here is the community that supported me through every burpee, pull-up or squat. I have never had this kind of support in my life. In 4th grade, when I joined a soccer club, my coaches only put me in when we were losing by double digits. In 10th grade, when I was testing for my red belt, I spinning-hook kicked the wooden board for fifteen minutes while all the parents sat mouths agape. My foot was bleeding so my sabonim gave up on me and smashed the board against my foot as I was spinning for the 100th time.
        My friends, coaches and family have always told me to give up. They never believed I could be athletic and always advised me to do something else. Chris and Elisha did not give up when they realized how weak I was. Instead, they pushed me harder than anyone there. What seemed impossible now became possible. For instance, I once expected to run 400 meters and pass out, but with Hans barking ahead of me, I was able to somehow run 2 miles.
        In this way, I was led to believe that boundaries were meant to be constantly broken. I will now study harder, research and prepare harder because I know that applying the same threshold shattering concepts I learnt here to my professional life will have immense ramifications. I want to thank you for making me healthier, I want to thank you for believing in me, and I want to thank you, CrossFit Threshold, for showing me that thresholds are meant to be broken.
-David Lee

P.S. – You know that Timberlake/Madonna song that you guys always play during our WODs? It came on my iPod while in the library and my body tensed up and my heart rate went up. I’ve been forever conditioned to physically react to that song.

P.P.S. – I will never date anyone named Helen or Fran.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Lee… you are awsome! I agree with your letter…although I have lead an active lifestyle…I hadn’t worked out so hard in a while… After having a baby I thought I can’t go back to my old self…but my threshold was finally challenged and taken out of its comfort cookie cutter workout…now every muscle on my body is challenged every crossfit work out I try… I wish you luck in college my friend, as a former fitness trainer, it is people like you who inspire.

  2. That letter is awesome!!!
    As a Personal trainer and a new crosfit affiliate, its people like you who inspire not only your fellow crossfit buddies and your coaches but anyone who doubts themselves and feel they just “cant” . Finding and constantly challanging your newly found boundries will continue making you a stronger person!
    Keep up the awesome work David and good luck.


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