WEDNESDAY – 080813

For time.

10 Man-Makers, run 200 meters
9 Man-Makers, run 200 meters
8 Man-Makers, run 200 meters
7 Man-Makers, run 200 meters
etc… until you get to….

1 Man-Maker, run 200 meters

Post time to comments.

The Man-Maker (pictures from Gym Jones)

Start position for the Man-Maker.

From Press, drop to the floor same as for a Burpee

Do a push-up

Row with each arm, displace the body laterally as little as possible

Following the second Row place the DBs together so the feet may be snapped forward on either side of them into a deep Squat position

Clean the DBs.

From the rack position do a Push-Press or Push-Jerk (if necessary) to return to the starting position, repeat


2 Responses to “”

  1. Hey, everyone! I’m mad I couldn’t make it the past few days, especially to say goodbye to you guys – too much packing! I’ll do my best to keep up with the WODs back up at school and I’ll try to post my times here. Thanks for keeping my summer interesting and blistered!

    ’til December!

  2. Chris Holt Says:

    Sarajane, thanks for making our Affiliate what it is today. Always keeping fellow CrossFitters motivated. You will be missed but we will see you in December!

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